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Weekend Wedding Rental

of Property

Exclusive use of venue for Wedding weekend.

•    Friday 3pm - Sunday 11am

•    Starts at $ 2500.00

Wedding Package Add Ons

  • 20' X 40' White event tent with cathedral window side walls $300

  • Shuttle Service and Parking $100

What You Get

- Exclusive access to  landscaped  historic property, venue, & breathtaking views of falls

- Picturesque landscaped garden with romantic waterfall 

- Bistro lights above an aged brick patio that transforms your wedding into a timeless experience​

- Bridal Suite: spacious, functional, and beautiful, private balcony overlooking the river falls and a chandelier lit jacuzzi tub for two

- Multiple photo-op spaces to create nostalgic memories​

- Multiple Ceremony spots to choose from that will suit your style​

- Indoor Restrooms that are climate controlled​

- Lit Parking lot at Bufford Beach right below the property

- Full use of property grounds for weekend. 


Three Tiered Fountain: Seated - 50

Garden: Seated - 100

Rooftop: Seated - 20

Balcony: Seated - 20

Outdoor Fireplace: Seated - 20

Koi Pond Waterfall: Seated - 20-50


Villa Grotto/Garden- 100


Seven- 48" Round tables: seats 6 adults

Three- 42" Round tables: seats 4 adults

Four- 6' rec. tables: seats 8 adults

Tent 20' x 40'

Four- Cocktail Tables 42"tall, 32"round

50 Wooden  Chairs

75 Wooden Bistro Chairs

Bistro Lightening



Call us at 870-404-1601 or 870-291-1535 to Plan Your Special Day!​


  * Tax not included in rate

Please inquire reguarding addional services and/or guests.

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